Behsaz Industrial Group

Since 1976, the name of “Behsaz Ind. Group” has been providing the highest quality process equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
Behsaz ind. group is a manufacturer of the complete heat exchanger and the kinds of storage tank or pressure vessel.
Our technical team included various persons by any expertise such as mechanical engineer, metallurgy engineer, welding engineer, succeed to design pressure vessel according to standard (ASME SEC. VIII DIV 1) by various software like “PV-EILTE”.
Also we can produce the kinds of heat exchanger (shell & Tube) with various material according to “TEMA” standard.
Purchase department by intense vendor list could help to have a best quality in our raw material and QC department by doing all of the requirement test & NDT
Due to Behsaz Ind. Group be a best manufacturer in east of Iran.
Our past experiences have led us to be a recognized vendor for major oil & gas companies.

– Shell & tube heat exchanger (Air cooler)
Part for shell & tube heat exchanger such as : Shell, Tube (C.S , S.S , ASTM B111 , …) , Tube sheet & Baffles, Flange , Ring, Floating head & dish head, etc.
– Pressure vessel, Storage tank
Part for pressure vessel and storage tank such as: Shell, Head (Hemispherical, Elliptical, etc), Flange, etc.
– Cap B 16.9
– Bin and Cone
– Cyclone
– Cooling tower

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Jam petrochemical company.